FBO Services

Backed by our outstanding reputation in the region, Bakersfield Jet Center offers the best customer service experience on Meadows Field. 

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Please call our Customer Service Specialists today to learn how we can meet your aviation needs.

Aircraft Services

ISBAH Certified refueling for 100LL and Jet-A.
24/7 On-call fueling and ground service.
GPU service.
Oxygen service.
Aircraft cleaning and detailing.
Lavatory service.
Hangar storage, up to Gulfstream G450.
3.5 acre ramp, can park up to C130 or B737.
Aircraft towing.
Air starter service.

*Can accommodate upwards of C-17 or B-747 with prior permission*

Pilot Services

Flight planning room with PC's and printer.
Crew Car
AvTrip points
Pilot lounge.
WiFi Access

Passenger Amenities

Complimentary beverages and snacks.
Fax machine and copier.

Concierge services including:
Hotel reservations.
Restaurant reservations and catering.
Entertainment bookings.
Car/limo rentals (Hertz, National, Avis, Enterprise, & Priceless.)
Discounted rates on hotels.
Executive conference room.