Employee of the Quarter – 4Q21

Sometimes the best surprises just walk through the door,
When you know not what to expect, nor what is in store.

Such was the case, when what to our wondering eyes did appear?
Talent and smarts, wrapped all up in cheer.

Without a lot of chatter, though lively and quick,
Working diligently down to that last static wick.

On Cessna, On Piper, On Cirrus, On Beechcraft;
Proficient in work, from stringer to crankshaft.

Content when the props are all hung with care,
Us pilots are thankful that her work was there.

We’re better together, that we know is true,
But even more so, with Ellen here too!

Congratulations to Ellen Nietfeld – Loyd’s Aviation Employee of the Quarter.
Poem by Ryan Crowl - President, Loyd's Aviation.