Employee of the Quarter – 2Q21

Every now and then, and once in a while;
Something unintended happens to make you smile.

In a world of late, with too much doubt and fear;
A cloud moves by, and a bright spot begins to appear.

When those that were relied upon were suddenly not there;
This one stepped up with strength and courage that is sometimes rare.

With a great attitude akin to those good ‘ol folks;
He contributed even more, all the while telling his jokes.

With perfection in his heart, there’s no hill he won’t climb;
He can even rebuild a tug in just six month’s time.

So join me in thanking one that stands out from the crowd.
Andres is his name, who makes us all proud.

Congratulations to Andres Delgado – Loyd’s Aviation Employee of The Quarter.
Poem by Ryan Crowl – President, Loyd’s Aviation.